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What’s your bedtime habit?

Forget going to bed with a good book, more people in the UK these days curl up with Facebook or Twitter before they go to sleep. That’s the conclusion of a new survey to coincide with National Bed Month by The Original Factory Shop.

According to the survey, for one in five people, logging into social media on their mobile phones is the last thing they do before going to sleep and the first when they wake up.

Young people from Wales are the biggest Twitter and Facebook users at bedtime, with almost a third checking social media sites while between the sheets (unsurprisingly, people aged 18-24 are five times more likely to do so than the over-55s).

In the North East, they prefer to watch TV in bed (60 percent compared to the national average of 30 percent), while couples in Northern Ireland are keeping romance alive, with one in two always kissing their other half before going to sleep.

Thank goodness for the Scots, who are the most likely to indulge in the good old traditional bedtime habit of a warm drink and a good book.

But here’s an idea. If you can’t live without your mobile last thing at night, why not download an ebook to take to bed with you? Most of our titles here at Little Pig Publishing are available on Google Play as well as the Apple iBookstore and iTunes. Check out our main website for the links.